Terms & Conditions

1. General

STIPPZ offers services on the website, available under the domain https://www.stippz.com.
By opening an account and participating in a contest, the user enters into a legally valid contract with BOC Invest Ltd, Director Johannes Sevket Gözalan, Suite 16, WaterGardens 5, Waterport Wharf, Gibraltar, hereinafter referred to as STIPPZ, which contains these general business and Conditions of use.
STIPPZ reserves the right to make changes to these general terms and conditions of use at any time. In the event of a change, the user will receive a notification and will thereby be informed of the changes. In this notification, the user must accept the changes to the general terms and conditions of use. If this notification and thus the changed conditions are not confirmed, further use of STIPPZ is not permitted and any winnings will continue to be paid out. The amended terms will be effective within 30 days of notice. Users are responsible for informing themselves about the applicable regulations before taking part in a match.
STIPPZ reserves the right at any time and without giving reasons: to discontinue individual or all services, to reject applications to open a user account and/or to block or close them. All contractual obligations that have already been concluded will still be taken into account and adhered to by STIPPZ.
STIPPZ assumes no liability for transmission errors of results. For its services, STIPPZ uses the services of third parties who have also contractually excluded any liability to STIPPZ. Therefore, except in the case of intentional or grossly negligent behavior on the part of STIPPZ, there are no claims for compensation due to incorrect, delayed, manipulated or abusive data transmission or other transmission errors of data and results.
Users are not permitted to assign, pledge or otherwise dispose of claims of any kind for a fee or free of charge.
STIPPZ can waive rights from the general terms and conditions of use in individual cases. Users are not entitled to the waiver of rights.
The basis for use and business relationship is exclusively Gibraltarian law. The courts in Gibraltar are responsible for this, excluding the reference norms of private international law and the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. The mandatory consumer protection regulations of the country in which you have your habitual residence are excluded from this choice of law.
In the event that any of the provisions above and below are wholly or partially ineffective, the contract concluded between you and STIPPZ remains effective. If individual provisions are ineffective, the content replacing this provision is based on the legally permissible provisions that come closest to the ineffective provisions.
In the event of differences between the German and other language versions of the general terms and conditions of use, the German version applies.
Account opening and account
In order to use STIPPZ, you must open an account on the website/webapp www.stippz.com. By opening an account, the user declares that :
  • He/she is not restricted in his/her ability to do business,
  • He/she is not subject to guardianship.
  • He/she opened the account for personal use and no commercial intentions are pursued,
  • He/she is aware of STIPPZ's current terms and conditions.
STIPPZ may only be used if the services offered may be used in accordance with the laws applicable in your country. It is the user's responsibility at all times to comply with applicable legal regulations and to ensure that he/she is authorized to use the services provided by STIPPZ.
STIPPZ can currently be used in the EU plus the United Kingdom.
The user undertakes that his/her information when registering and participating is truthful, in particular information about age, or confirmation of having reached the age of 18, and email address. This information must be updated in the event of changes in the "Settings" area and always kept up to date.
STIPPZ reserves the right to publish the user name and profile picture.
 The user undertakes to keep the password secret at all times and to ensure that it does not become known to third parties. STIPPZ is not liable for any damage that arises as a result of unauthorized or misuse of the access data.
Registration with STIPPZ must be carried out in person and is not transferable.
If an account is opened and maintained that violates the conditions set out in 2.1, STIPPZ may withhold the funds, cancel games made and/or an authority of the Government of Gibraltar may confiscate these funds from an account.
STIPPZ treats all accounts as strictly confidential. However, within the framework of applicable laws, STIPPZ may be required by authorities to provide certain account information. Unless otherwise stated, amounts such as credits and withdrawals are amounts in euros. Accounts may not be transferred or sold and the transfer of funds from one account to another is not possible. Only one STIPPZ account may be maintained. Duplicate accounts are prohibited. If another account (the "double account") is created in addition to the first account (the "original account"), STIPPZ has the right to close the double account and withhold the credit. Users may only do so in person and not in the Names of third parties participate in STIPPZ. Any credit balances will not bear interest.
The User is responsible for immediately reporting any amount that isincorrectly credited to the Account. Any winnings resulting from amalfunction will be retained. Payments received without authorizationmust be repaid upon request.
STIPPZ reserves the right to reject registrations at its own discretion and without giving reasons.
The use of unfair methods in connection with the use of STIPPZ is prohibited. This particularly applies to involvement in fraudulent activities. The use of any tools such as, but not limited to, scripts, bots or spiders is also strictly prohibited. If this provision is violated, STIPPZ will proceed in accordance with paragraph 8.3 (e.) and reserves the right to report any criminal conduct.
Game rules and scoring
Stippz is a skill-based betting game concept. You take part in contests and play against other players in the Stippz community. Participation is complete once all predictions have been made and confirmed. Contests begin and end on the same game day. A match day begins with the kick-off of the first game and ends as soon as the last game has ended. Players make predictions about the outcome of individual games – home win, away win or draw. In addition, the player awards so-called "confidence points" for the individual games. If the prediction is correct, the player receives the confidence points credited to his score in the contest. Based on the score, a ranking of the players in the contest is created.
to take part in a contest, the rules of the respective contest selected must be adhered to.
Points are awarded based on the confidence points awarded and the live results of the respective games.
Participation is only valid for the contest shown (game day).
Participation deadline
Participation can take place up to 2 minutes before the official kick-off of the first game of the contest. The contest is then blocked for tip submission and participation in this contest is no longer possible.
Profit and profit determination
All participants in a contest fight to reach the winning zone. A participant's winnings depend on their positioning in the rankings and the chosen contest.
Participants who do not reach the winning zone will not receive any prizes. The winnings will be automatically credited to the STIPPZ account. In individual cases, it may take up to 10 working days for winnings to be credited to the respective STIPPZ account. A payout of winnings can be completely deferred if this is necessary, for example, for security reasons or to comply with legal regulations. This is particularly the case if internal processes to ensure compliance with legal regulations make this necessary or STIPPZ has a legitimate interest in further clarification of the facts.
STIPPZ pays out a maximum of the specified prize pool per contest to the players in the winning zone.
STIPPZ reserves the right to adjust the prize distribution (including during a current match day) if the game and/or contest results require this or there is a technical error.
If manipulation of the game is suspected, STIPPZ reserves the right to block the payout for the sporting event in question until it is established by a regular court that manipulation has taken place.
Participation in STIPPZ is binding upon confirmation of the selected contest. It is no longer possible to cancel at this point. Participation cancellations are therefore also not possible.
If a scheduled game is canceled, brought forward or postponed for any reason due to weather conditions, riots or other unforeseeable events, the confidence points awarded for this game will be lost.
STIPPZ has the right to cancel a game at its own discretion and without restriction if manipulation is suspected.
Outside of legal liability, STIPPZ assumes no liability for input, transmission and/or evaluation errors. In particular, STIPPZ reserves the right to correct errors when entering the winning pool, maximum winnings or evaluating results (e.g. typographical errors) (including after the event) or to declare the affected games invalid.
Outside of legal liability, STIPPZ does not guarantee the accuracy,completeness or timeliness of the information services provided, e.g.live results.

7. Payout

Users can have their existing balance paid out from their STIPPZ account within a maximum of forty-five (45) days after the end of the contest.
Withdrawals are made via bank transfer.
Complaints about payouts can only be accepted up to 30 days after the booking date.
Delete or deactivate your account
Sending an email along with their username to support@stippz.com . The prerequisite for this is that the sender of this email matches the email address of the user account.
STIPPZ reserves the right to close accounts at any time and without prior notice in the event of violations of the Terms and Conditions. The user will be notified of such a measure by email. Current balance and outstanding games that are valid and do not violate these Terms and Conditions will remain unaffected by account closure.
STIPPZ reserves the right to withhold any funds on the account and/or deactivate the account if STIPPZ has reasonable grounds to believe that :
  • Users have more than one active account with STIPPZ;
  • Users have provided incorrect or misleading information when registering and/or during the course of their contractual relationship with STIPPZ;
  • Users have not reached the age of 18;
  • Users use the STIPPZ product range from a country in which the services offered are prohibited by law;
  • Defraud, attempt to defraud or have defrauded anyone, or you have applied or used any system (including machines, robots, computers, software or other automated systems) designed or capable of using the Customer Application and/or Software harm, or users collude or have attempted to conspire with other users to defraud STIPPZ or other users;
  • User has (knowingly or unknowingly) enabled a third party to use your account;
  • User violates this contract and thus the general terms and conditions;
  • Users participate in games on behalf of or on behalf of bookmakers, agents or their employees.
Data Protection
The protection of personal data is very important to STIPPZ. Our privacy policy describes in detail what personal data is collected and how this data is collected, processed, and stored.
Users who continue to use our Services after the posting of this privacy policy agree to the terms of this privacy policy and to the use of your personal information in accordance with these terms.
This privacy policy may be changed from time to time, in particular in the event of changes to the law, the introduction of new laws or the change or expansion of our offering. You can view our privacy policy and any changes to it on our website at any time.
Detailed information on personal data can be viewed in our privacy policy : https://stippz.com/privacy-policy.


Stand: 23.01.2024

BOC Invest Ltd
Director: Johannes Sevket Gözalan
Suite 16, Watergardens 5, Waterport Wharf