How to play

Rules of the game

In addition to our general terms and conditions, we would like to give you an additional overview here:

Here's how it works

Take part in contests every game day to win money by competing against other players. With STIPPZ you bet on the outcome of a game (win or draw).Points are awarded and placement always take place in real time,based on the live results of the respective games.

Game variant “Confidence”

With the “Confidence” variant, you first decide between a win or a draw and then award so-called “Confidence points” for each tip, which you then receive if you get a correct tip. The sum of all points is decisive for your placement in the respective contest.
Here you should proceed cleverly and always assign the highest number of confidence points to the games whose likely outcome you are most certain about!
If things get tight,you can strategically adjust your decisions and remaining confidence points for the open games in order to extend your lead at the last second or to overtake the other players!
Note: Each score can only be awarded once. The higher the number of points awarded, the more points you get if you guess correctly.


You can participate in any contest displayed in the “Arena”.
To take part, you first have to tap on the outcome of all games in the contest and assign all confidence points. During an ongoing contest, you can change your decision for games that have not started and also reassign the confidence points that are still available.
Contests begin and end on the same game day. A match day begins with the kick-off of the first game and ends as soon as the last game is whistled.
Once you have confirmed your participation in a contest, this cannot be reversed.

Game modes

The following game modes are available to you, which you can filter by in the arena:
These are contests in which three or more players take part.
Head to head
In this mode, two players compete directly against each other. Winner takes all!

Scoring & Ranking

At STIPPZ, you alone decide how many points you get per game. By cleverly analysing the match day and strategically awarding your confidence points, you can influence your placement in the rankings to get into the winning zone.
Points are awarded based on the confidence points you award and the live results of the respective games.
Both the scoring and the ranking are updated in real time and you can follow them “Live”.


In our FAQ you will find further useful information that will make it easier for you to play.